A Collaborative Approach: How Your County Can Partner to Prevent Foreclosure

Location: Conference Room A (Second Floor)
Date: Fri, October 20
Time: 11:45 AM - 1:00 PM

County level government and community development departments are in a unique position to create comprehensive systems to prevent foreclosure. Coordination with sheriff departments, foreclosure registry programs, and re-investment in affordable homes form an intervention system for all stages of foreclosure and housing crisis. Housing counselors, community developers and other government leaders will learn about strategies for communities and organizations to partner with counties and sheriff departments to prevent foreclosures and enhance partnerships with services and foreclosure mediation.

Workshop Session II

Katie Brennan: A collaborative approach; how your county can partner to prevent foreclosure

Katie Brennan: Foreclosure Prevention Resources

Katie Brennan: Foreclosure Registry Program Overview

Katie Brennan: Sample County Foreclosure Letter

Katie Brennan: Sample Foreclosure Registry Overview

Sofi Cordero: Housing Services Flyer