Learning & Lead Poisoning: The Impact of Childhood Lead Poisoning on Educational Outcome

Location: Brunswick Ballroom - Room A (Lower Level)
Date: Fri, October 20
Time: 10:15 AM - 11:30 AM

Learn about ways to improve communication among the stakeholders addressing lead poisoning’s effect on a child’s ability to learn, including parents, educators and community leaders. In this session, experts will discuss how lead poisoning is a major factor underlying racial disparities in educational outcomes and why it is so important to reduce lead exposure in our homes, soil and water. We will review practices and advocacy underway to close this gap through improved housing and education interventions and invite you to join these efforts. Panelists will also explain why housing, more than any other source including water, is most likely to poison children.

Workshop Session I

Elyse Pivnick: Lead and its Effects on Children and Learning

Theresa Ruane Primary Prevention Brochure English

Theresa Ruane: Primary Prevention Spanish

Theresa Ruane: Lead Not Just Paint (English)

Theresa Ruane: Lead Not Just Paint (Spanish)