Irma Gorham photo

Irma Gorham

Executive Director
Paterson Housing Authority

Irma Gorham possesses more than forty years in housing development, management, strategic planning, land use planning and private public joint venture initiatives. Ms. Gorham fosters and advances the Authority’s mission by embracing high standards of ethics, management and accountability, as well as forges new partnerships in order to carry out the Authority’s mission. The Authority is the third largest public housing authority in the state, and is the largest landlord in the City of Paterson. 

Ms. Gorham interacts with all government entities to negotiate contracts including developer agreements, contracts with legal consultants and all required professionals in the planning and development of the Heritage at Alexander Hamilton Revitalization Development, the Belmont/Senior Development, the Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP), the Rosa Parks Veterans Housing, and a new initiative Re-entry Housing. Aside from property management and construction, Ms. Gorham is an advocate for programs that provide support services to assist residents in becoming self sufficient.

Ms. Gorham is the recipient of a Bachelor’s Degree in Community Development and Regional Planning, and a Master’s Degree in Urban Policy Planning and Policy Analysis from Morgan State University. Also, in 1999, Ms. Gorham attended Harvard University; John F. Kennedy School of Government as part of HUD’s Community Builder’s Program. Ms. Gorham is an active member of a number of community organizations and volunteer groups throughout the state of New Jersey.